Grower Liquidations by Date

The standard grower account sale report details all deductions to the grower, gross sales, credit memos and prints a recap showing the net return to the grower. The Grower Account Sale report allows you to select all invoices or only invoices that have been paid by the customer. Beginning and ending dates can be entered for both sales and deductions.

Year to date sales, deductions and net return totals are saved for each individual grower. You can finalize the report and the next report will show season to date totals, totals for the current report and year to date totals.

When a Grower Account Sale report is finalized, a payables invoice can be created automatically to issue a check to the grower. The invoice makes the necessary debit and credit transactions to clear grower payable and receivable amounts from the correct general ledger accounts.

A “period” report can also be printed to include all sales and deductions for any date range, whether they have been finalized on a prior report or not.

Check our product brochure for more information about grower accounting features and sample grower liquidation reports.