Lot Liquidations

The Lot Grower Accounting system prints sales, deductions, and net return for each lot separately. Inventory balances are also tracked on a per lot basis.

Lots will remain open until all commodities have been shipped and billed, and any trouble entries have been resolved. When a lot is closed, it may be finalized and the totals updated to accounts payable and the general ledger for payment to the grower. When printing the lot grower statement, you can specify only open lots, only closed lots or both. All lot information can be reviewed from the Lot Liquidation window before finalizing:


When using the Lot Grower Accounting system, the vendor check and invoice entry in Accounts Payable and the manual grower charge entry screen will prompt for a Lot # when entering deductions to the grower.

Lot Grower Accounting can be used in two different situations. Each lot number may correspond to a single truckload of produce that is delivered (this is commonly used for produce imported from Mexico). Or each lot may correspond to a field and there may be multiple receives for each lot number as the field is harvested over several days.

Check our product brochure for more information about grower accounting features and sample grower liquidation reports.