Special Webinar – AB 1513 Safe Harbor Report – New Options 08.24.2016

This webinar for Datatech clients, hosted by Matthew Davidian, Datatech Vice President/Programming and Training Manager Hannah Tarrats covers the latest programming enhancements to review safe harbor payments to employees and create checks and statements for employees.  If you haven’t already, before viewing this webinar, please watch the Safe Harbor Report webinar from 5/16/16 that is posted below. Thank you.

Rest and Recovery Webinar Training 5.16.16

This Webinar for Datatech clients, hosted by Training Manager Hannah Tarrats and joined by Matthew Davidian, Datatech Vice President/Programming; Jason Titterington, HRMS Sales Representative and Jenny Gomez, Software Support Representative takes in the latest information you need to know about AB 1513, Piece Rate computations, Rest and Recovery, the new labor code and so much more.

Safe Harbor Report webinar 5.16.16

This is an edit of the above webinar on just the Safe Harbor report and is approximately 30 minutes long.

Wage Setup and Data Entry edit from 5.16.16

Here’s a breakout video edit from the above webinar to provide our clients with support and update information for wage setup and payroll entry.