Your growers will know what work was done, and where.

Provide your growers with easy-to-read reports. Grower reports separate labor for each grower, even if employees work for multiple growers during the week. Each line of payroll has a crop, job, and grower entry.

The Crop identifies the location, ranch, field, or crop where the work was performed. The Job specifies the description of work performed. These descriptions appear on labor reports so the grower knows what work was done, and where. Then, the information will automatically create an invoice to bill the grower.

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Labor reports may be printed during the payroll entry process or after checks have been printed. 

You can always reprint reports for any date rage. For instance, a grower may want to get a report of all the work that was done for an entire month. Or a labor report for a previous week has been misplaced and needs to be reprinted. 

Whatever the case, you will be able to access the reports you need, when you need them.

Customizing Your Grower Labor Report
Grower Entry Billing Options


Billing Options

Several billing options are available to automatically generate invoices from your payroll information. 

  • Each grower may have its own settings, that way you can use different methods or rates for each grower. Grower invoices print out right after the labor reports. However, you can turn off automatic invoicing if you enter invoices manually. 
  • When billing the grower a flat commission rate, such as 36%, you will enter this rate in the grower file. Then, when the labor report prints, an invoice billing that rate will be printed. 
  • Or if you bill for each employer tax / workers’ compensation insurance and charge a lower percentage, you can set up the grower file accordingly.
  • A flat rate billing option is also available. In this case, the grower is billed specific rates for each hour or piece. 
Additional Charges

Grower charges can be entered to bill the grower for items besides labor, commission, taxes, and workers’ comp insurance. For instance, you may want to bill the grower for cartons. You can enter grower charges for the number of cartons harvested and the price per carton. These charges will be added to the grower invoice created by the Grower Labor Report.

Equipment Used

During Payroll Entry, you can enter equipment used by employees. This will automatically create charges to the grower for equipment rental. 


If errors were made on payroll checks for the day, grower, crop, or job these can be corrected even after checks have been printed. 

Making Corrections for Grower Labor Reports

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